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#1 2021-08-12 11:55:40 AM

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Please revive this- It is gaining steam!

I'm a mod over at The Political Process discord (Political gaming discord with over a thousand members) and we are downloading and buying the game again- we absolutely love it. We just have a couple requests that could just put this game to the next level- we hope you come back and revive this, it's bones are the best of any political game out there. (We also emailed support to bring this back!)

-An editor! This is what would keep this game alive forever. Allow us to create our own database with politicians, state results and stats, and so on
-2020 update
-Third parties (and ability to make our own)
-Proper primaries (Allow 4-5 for each primary)
-Clickable names (this is a need badly)
-Gains and losses on election results screens (Senate,gov,pres. etc)
-and just other quality of life things
-New ideologies (Progressive,Right Wing, Libertarian, Conservative Dems, Liberal Republicans)
-Polling via map (When you click on state show recent polling results with a chart, and show the names of can. clickable of course)

You created a game that still no game has done- Bring it back!

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