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Linkedin campaigns, much more than a USA Phone Number List B2B strateg

LinkedIn is no longer just that Social Network that you consult to see how the job market is. Really, it does not hurt that your colleagues, bosses, teachers and friends give you recommendations, but ... what about brands? They are also on LinkedIn, and they are looking for you. Are you a LinkedIn user? Stay and see how brands find you. Are you a brand? Stay, here is your B2B strategy… ah! and B2C as well. Let's skip the typical USA Phone Number List question that we would start any post with; what is your goal?  Of course, you already have to have it defined if you have decided to include this platform in your strategy. The new LinkedIn resources and those to come allow us to carry out brand recognition campaigns, we are talking about the famous branding, but let's not forget that we are impacting users. Yes, audiences that tell us what they do, what worries them, what they require or need in their work environment and increasingly, in their personal environment, because yes, LinkedIn users are not only audiences, they are people, with tastes USA Phone Number List and preferences…. And here is our key to success:  professional profiles with concerns + a little ingenuity and grace in communication . What prevents you from doing performance or creative campaigns? Let me tell you that nothing. One of the most searched phrases is " Advertising on Linkedin" . So let's get to what interests us, what kind of campaigns can be done on LinkedIn? And what formats have the best performance? Defining campaigns is a tedious process, simply finding the right audience and how to tell them USA Phone Number List the message we want to convey is what draws the line of success between online advertising and branding. At  Digital Menta  we like to know our clients from the inside, their DNA, what and who they are, why they work like that, why advertise that product and not another, and of course, what are their  unique selling points ,  which we all know from differentiation value proposition.

Many times, when we have all this information, we are the ones who transmit it to the client, and that is our USP. So for this, we do not need to differentiate between branding, performance, direct response, etc. We need to mark a long line in time and create an audience, a need and a message for each moment or moment of this line, showing them the same message in different contexts, formats and of course adapting the campaign to its objective. In short, what I have just named is the axis of everything, and from here we can create an ecosystem of audiences. On USA Phone Number List LinkedIn there are B2B audiences, but also B2C (let's not forget that professionals are also people). How do we get to them? We segment campaigns by seniority categories; by position, sectors, skills and interests. The A / B testing has led us to know which are the four categories of success and that, combining them together with the best rich media formats, successful campaigns have come out. Another point that we must take into account is what market we are working on. Each country acts differently and they are more or less likely to use their data on networks like LinkedIn. However, it is true that this network USA Phone Number List implements more and better formats every day, which help users to interact more and generate profiles interested in this content, which gives greater confidence and usability. LinkedIn has adapted to the new way of consuming advertising and has done so little by little.

What have been the latest formats that we have tested? Native Video : Shorter videos have better completion rates, but longer videos are more effective at telling something complex. Do not forget to include humor and good feelings, people are seeing it. LinkedIn audiences respond to video content regardless of its length, focus on the message. Here's an example of Telefónica's success: And now you will think, okay ... but I am not Netflix or Telefónica, but this is an idea, you just have to adapt your resources to your needs. Dynamic USA Phone Number List Ads:  Take the opportunity to launch a direct and visual message. LinkedIn offers you CPM or CPC and custom bidding. Of course, only on desktop devices. Lead Generation:  This format does not come to us again, but it is still the king of lead acquisition. The volume of leads is not comparable to that of other platforms, but they are of higher quality. Its CPL is somewhat higher, but depending on the market we can see a clear difference: in Latin markets it is cheaper compared to the Anglo-Saxon market, higher but affordable. Here you realize that LinkedIn works, and it works well. Carousel:  Another format that is not USA Phone Number List new, but is available. In our experience, it serves to show a product or service with several examples, but it is not the key for a campaign to work better or worse, it is simply visible.

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